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We are an executive search firm founded on a better process that delivers better results to our partners. It’s a customized approach—more nuanced and more effective than the assembly-line structure nearly all search firms use today.

Our clients benefit in tangible ways:

Save time

Our interview-to-hire ratio is 2.3 to 1

Save Money

85% of candidates we placed are still with the company

Improve Performance

60% of candidates we placed have been promoted at least once

A proven track record

Drawing on decades of experience, we serve as an extension of your brand to identify, evaluate and separate the most talented professionals who bring the most value to your organization.

Become a Disruptor

We focus on four industries in need of rare talent. The fields of digital media, ecommerce and subscription-based revenue are in a state of flux and explosive growth. This puts a premium on finding the employees who bring not only experience, but an attitude toward rapid change that suits the conditions of their industries.

Just trying to keep up with the pack won’t suffice.

We serve the following markets:


You need experienced pros who are adept at running a digital-first business. Your business depends on a team that can help you build a compelling online experience to capture and retain loyal customers.

Digital Media and Entertainment.

It takes a team of high-performers to help you acquire, develop and distribute great content. To create a channel or site that generates significant subscription revenue—or builds a loyal audience attractive to advertisers—you need skilled, nimble players eager to compete and win in the SVOD, AVOD, OTT Network and Digital Content arenas.

Online Gaming.

In an industry experiencing explosive growth, attracting and retaining gifted talent is crucial to navigating a fiercely competitive environment. Cutwater Dynamics acts as your strategic partner to identify, evaluate and hire the best talent to propel your company to the forefront of markets such as e-sports, gaming leagues, and online tournaments.

Subscription Revenue Companies.

Subscription revenue is attractive to companies that want a somewhat predictable flow of revenue. Hence, the competition is intense, and the drive to acquire more subscribers each month calls for a special set of skills. We know how to find and qualify that rare talent that will help your company succeed.



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